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Welcome to Durbuy Kayaks!

Are you looking for a relaxing (or exciting!) day off? Durbuy Kayaks offers you the most beautiful piece of untouched nature around Durbuy!


Together with your friends and/or family and at your pace, paddle down the river Ourthe in one of our professional-quality kayaks. Not only does this river cross the magnificent Ardennes nature but it also passes through countless picturesque villages and Durbuy, the smallest (if not the most beautiful) town in the world! Click here for more information.


Would you rather stay on land? We're there for you! Live the crazyest ride of your life on one of our quads! Click here for more information.


Not so much a fan of loud noises? Try out our mountainbikes! Click here for more information.


Would you rather drive on paved roads but do you still want to try something new? Get onto one of our scooters and explore the area with its countless little villages! Click here for more information.


What? You can't choose? Just try it all together with one of our combinations: Click here to see our offers!


If you choose more than 50€/person in activities and you cannot fit them all in one day, we offer thjat you spend the night at our Indian village, our Gallic village or on our camping. More info

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